What we Do

We can understand meaning and interpret subtext between 11 languages:

English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, French, German, Spanish and Japanese

for all kinds of content creators:

Filmmakers, Visual Artists, Writers, Poets, Playwrights and Production Houses.

Our Services

We Translate

all kinds of literary works - Film scripts, Plays, Books, Articles, Voice overs, Stories, Poems etc.

How can a joke in German, sound funny in English too? What will make the dialogue of a Marathi play sound as impactful in French? How can we maintain the metre of the poem without losing the meaning?

These are the kind of questions we love tackling again and again. Every translation project gives us new insights into the workings of all languages we know.

We Subtitle

all kinds of films and video content - Feature films, Web Series, Documentaries, Short films, Corporate videos, Advertisement films etc.

We love the subtle dance of Subtitling - a pas de trois between translation, word count and time, or rather , meaning, brevity and precision.

We Write

Artist statements, blog entries, website content, promotional statements, scripts, articles and reviews.

Sometimes, one needs an outside perspective to describe things one is too close to. We are wielders of words, who can effectively express and elaborate upon your worldview.

We Transcribe

Interviews and Recordings

We understand the painstaking efforts that go into research and documentation. Attention to detail for an accurate written record of your precious data collection, is our responsibility.

We Edit & Proof read... Everything!

Grammatical errors and Typos are the demons that give us nightmares. We never rest till we find and rectify every word misspelt and every apostrophe misplaced.